4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

4th Grade:  Mrs. Coules

4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

Reading:  Unit 1/Week 1 Weekly Assessment is tomorrow.  Review small textbook p. 20-21, and 26-29 to help you prepare for the test.  Read for 20 minutes on Epic Reading.

Math:  Chapter 1 Test is tomorrow.  Review your homework pages and the reviews to prepare for the test.  Play the Prodigy Math Game for additional review.  Here is a link to the Math Antics video about Place Value:

English:  Complete Practice Book p. 10 for homework.  If you did not finish your writing packet (Ideas Week 2) it is homework and due first thing tomorrow morning.

Religion:  Chapter 1 Worksheet is due tomorrow.  You need to color all of the pictures.

Social Studies:  Great Lakes Quiz on Friday.


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