Volunteer Sign-Up Page

SS. Cyril & Methodius School, the PSO, and other school or parish organizations provide many educational and fun events throughout the school year. In order to meet the school’s guidelines when children are particpating in these events, SSCM asks for parent volunteers to assist the teachers and staff in chaperoning and or supervising these activities. Usually the school or organization sends out a flyer through the Thursday VRE or email asking for volunteers to register for an event. There maybe a link for signing up provided for the individual events in the announcement and there is a link for volunteering for regular school activities such as special lunches etc., http://signup.com/go/GGiZJnX

In order to volunteer for any school event, parents must be VIRTUS certified. More information on VIRTUS maybe found here, https://www.virtusonline.org. You may also get the SSCM forms at this link: https://school.stcyril.org/parents/forms-2/

If you have any questions please contact the school office at 630-257-6488 or send an email to Jackie Lazowski, lazowski.jackie@stcyril.org.