Honor Roll Requirements

Students in grades 5-8 are eligible for honor roll recognition.

The following subjects are considered when determining eligibility for the SS. Cyril and Methodius School Honor Roll:

Religion, Reading, English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Computers, Spanish, Art & Music

Numeric Points Obtained:                         Recognition:
43-44                                                                       High Honors

41-42                                                                        Honors
38-40                                                                       Honorable Mention

In addition, a student in grades 5-8 must not receive a minus in the first three areas on the Report Card under PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: Respects Peers, Respects Authority, or Respects Property. A student will receive a minus in these areas only if he/she has received two or more written notifications pertaining to one or more of these areas in one trimester. For example, two notices for Respects Peers in one trimester will result in a minus on the report card. This will keep the student off the Honor Roll.