School Lunch Program

SSCM offers a HOT LUNCH program to our students, served daily throughout the school year. Hot lunch lunch is provided by Food Service Professionals (FSP). FSP partners with BOONLI to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use online ordering system. FSP lunches/milk are ordered on a monthly basis.

Allergen Information:  Open Kitchens-Allergen Information

In addition, to the FSP hot lunch program, there is a SPECIAL LUNCH program as well. There are a total of seven different special lunches offered each week throughout the year. The annual Thanksgiving Feast and school picnics have also been included. Orders need to be sent through the school office ~payment can be sent to school or paid through

Dates for Special Lunch:   2022-23 Special Lunch Calendar (click here)
Order Form:    2022.23 Special Lunch Order Form (click here)

Each lunch includes a treat and drink plus the following:
Hamburger (McDonalds) Day – Burger (cheese or plain) & chips
Hot Dog Day – Hot dog & chips
Sub Day – 6” Sub (turkey or ham) & chips
Pasta Day – Pasta (sauce or butter) & french bread
Mama Ds Day – Choice of 5” Beef or 3-pc Chicken Strips & chips
KFC/Taco Day – Choice of 2 tacos or 3-pc Chicken Strips & cinnamon crispas
Pizza Day –Choice of Cheese, Sausage or Pepperoni (pie-cut slice)

Students have the option to order an “extra”.  An extra is an additional main item only. A second snack, treat or drink is NOT included. “Extras” are not always available for purchase that day. Counts are figured in advance.

Pre-school (all day) thru 4th grade receive a choice of water or juice.
5th grade thru 8th grade receive a choice of water, juice or caffeine-free sprite.

If a student orders all special lunches (without any extras) the total for the year is $176.00.

Please be sure to make your selections for each child (a separate form should be filled out for each student) and total for family (be sure to take credit due)Send forms with cash or check made payable to SSCM and send to the school office or use online payment link ~

Also please remember to make a copy of your child’s order for next year. If you have any questions, contact Kim Gardner, Lunch Program Manager at      Thank you!