4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

4th Grade:  Mrs. Coules

4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

Math:  Complete Ch. 7/Lesson 7 Homework on ConnectEd

Reading:  Unit 3/Week 1 spelling packet and vocabulary flashcards are due tomorrow.  You can complete the vocabulary using the template on Google Classroom.  If you do it on flashcards, please take a picture of both assignments and send it to me.  There are two assigned Newsela articles due on Friday this week.  Read each article, take the quiz, and complete the Power Words activities for each one.  The Unit 3/Week 1 Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension Test will be on Thursday.  We will NOT have a Unit 3/Week 1 spelling test.

English:  Complete workbook p. 58 for homework.  New Year 2021 writing assignment is due on Wednesday.  Make sure you use complete sentences for Major Events and your New Year’s resolution.

Social Studies:  Ch. 4/Lesson 3 The Plentiful Sea Quiz on Google Classroom is due tomorrow morning.  Ch. 4 Land and Water in the Northeast Test is on Thursday.  Use the study guide on Google Classroom to help you prepare for the essay questions on the test.  The Northeast States’ Capitals Quiz is on Friday.  Use the slide show on Google Classroom to help you prepare for the quiz.

Religion:  Chapter 9 The Holy Spirit Guide Us Test is on Wednesday.  We will go over the questions tomorrow in class and you will be able to use your book.

Science:  Daily Science Big Idea 2/Week 1 packet is due tomorrow.  We will go over the answers in class tomorrow, and then you can use it for the quiz on Wednesday.


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