4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

4th Grade:  Mrs. Coules

4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

Reading:  Christmas Haikus due tomorrow.  Remember they are 3 lines and follow a 5-7-5 syllable pattern.  Unit 2/Week 5 spelling packet and vocabulary flashcards are due on Thursday.  Spelling Test is Friday.  Two assigned Newsela articles are due on Friday.

Math:  Play the Prodigy Math Game.

Science:  If you would like to earn 10 extra-credit points for Science, you can read “Electricity’s Power” on Google Classroom and answer the “After Reading” questions on the Google Doc.  You must make a copy of the Google Doc, answer the questions in complete sentences, and then share the document with me.  This assignment is due by Friday, and late assignments will not be accepted.


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