1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

Math- Ch. 2 lesson 1 my math homework  the students have vocabulary card and foldables please have them complete at home and practice with the vocabulary at home. We will continue to work on it in the classroom

Phonics printing sheets if they did not  complete in the morning and information for the phonics unit 2 what we will cover is in the red hot folder along with some fun activities to complete

Read for 10-15 minutes and color in the September reading log. The logs are due at the end of the month

English  quiz 4  types of sentences on Wednesday Command, Exclamatory, Question, Telling. Please practice command and telling the easier ones seem to be question and exclamatory. I will give them 10 sentences and they will need to write Q, E, T, or C  for the sentence type.


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