1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

Spelling test Unit 1 Week 2 in yellow folders or I passed out the sheet with spelling/sight words/extra practice.

test will be this Friday 9-18-20

Sight words/Extra practice words they are to read the words to me it is a verbal test. We practiced words in class and noticed a few going over the words with their friends. Quiz on the words this Friday 9-18-20

Math My Homework Chapter 1 lesson 10 pp.73-74

Religion Chapter 2 test will be on Thursday 9-17-20 we are finishing up the chapter and I will provide a study guide and go over the test with the students.

Please check your child’s red folder for 1st grade notes and additional information.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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