What are Manna Cards?
Manna cards are standard gift cards that you purchase through the school that can be used at businesses the same as cash. The added bonus is that a percentage of the gift card amount is credited to your tuition and a percentage goes back to the school.
The percentage credited to your tuition is the percentage in parenthesis ( ) following the name of each business listed on the order form. This same percentage will also be given to the school. The amount credited to your tuition will be reflected in your statements during September, December and May. Individuals who do not have children at our school can also purchase Manna from SSCM. Tuition for a high school or college can be credited instead of SSCM by noting it on the order form.

How to Order Manna Cards
A Manna order form listing gifts cards for purchase can be printed from the weekly VRE, can be printed by downloading the attached order form Manna Order Form 2017_2018 v5 or can be picked up at the school office or rectory.
Order forms with payment submitted to school by 9:00 AM on Tuesday will have their gift cards sent home via school on Thursday. The only exception is if there is a holiday in a given week then the gift cards will be delayed until Friday. Other arrangements can be made with the office if you do not want them sent home through school with a child.
Gift cards can also be purchased at the rectory during their regular business hours except for Tuesdays. Please note that they do not carry all gift cards at all times at the rectory so in order to ensure you get the gift card needed it is best to complete a paper order form.
When completing the order form the Family ID is the first letter of your last name + the last 5 digits of your phone number.