Art for 5th grade 3/19

Art for 5th grade 3/19

Art for 5th grade 3/19

Texture project with Robots

Enjoy a couple of videos on texture. Followed by a video from me.  The goal is for you to create more advanced robots with texture than what I demonstrated for the younger classes.  Try using forms instead of shape to create your robot. ie, use a cube instead of a square…


My video and simple examples…

You will need paper, pencil and eraser to draw.  I attached this worksheet that has different shapes and steps to create a variety of robots.  I have connected a video to this post but just in case it doesn’t work, this sheet is very easy to follow.

Also, there are a few more sheets that will help with creativity added below. (coloring pages too)

The marker technique above is easy. First, outline your object with a water based marker (crayola).  Then use water and a paint brush to brush the color inward to fill the area.

When you are finished you can share your work with me by email or save it in a folder to show me when we return.

Be blessed! Let your Faith be bigger than your fear.

Mrs. Wysocki




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