Progress Report/Report Card Schedule

Parents are informed of student progress on a trimester basis. The report card evaluation is based on direct observation, oral and written examinations, schoolwork, homework, and effort. In addition to the report cards, progress reports will be issued three times a year.
SS.Cyril and Methodius School also uses Power School. This is a secure, web-based site, which provides constant communication between parents and teachers regarding the academic and behavioral progress of students. Parents need to register through SS. Cyril and Methodius School to begin accessing this information. Teachers may periodically contact parents regarding the progress of their child in relation to his/her ability, effort, and character development.

Dates for the 2019-2020 School Year:

Trimester 1:  August 16th – November 8th

  • Progress Reports:
    Grading ends September 20th.  Progress Reports go home on September 26th.
  • Report Cards:
    Grading ends November 8th.  Report Cards go home on November 20th.

Trimester 2:  November 11th – March 13th

  • Progress Reports:
    Grading ends January 17th.  Progress Reports go home on January 23rd.
  • Report Cards:
    Grading ends March 13th.  Report Cards go home on March 19th.

Trimester 3:  March 16th – June 2nd

  • Progress Reports
    Grading ends on April 24th.  Progress Reports go home on April 30th.
  • Report Cards:
    Grading ends May 22nd.  Report Cards go home on the final day of school.