8th Grade Algebra Homework

8th Grade Algebra Homework

8th Grade Algebra Homework

The 8th Grade Algebra Class continued to review Chapter 2 by solving one-step and multi-step equations with a fun cross-word assignment.

Solving an equation means finding the value of the variable in the equation that makes the equation true. To solve an equation, isolate the variable (with a coefficient of 1) on one side of the equation. Use the Properties of Equality to maintain equivalent equations in each step of the process.

Multi-step equations involve more than one operation. These equations can be solved using the Properties of Equality and the strategy of undoing each operation by working backward. In number theory, multi-step equations are written and solved to understand the relationship between numbers.

Additionally, solving equations with a variable on both sides of the equation was reviewed.

To solve equations with variables on each side, first use the Distributive Property (if applicable) and then simplify using the properties of equality. If all of the variable terms are eliminated as a result, and both sides of the equation are different, then the equation is not true, and there is no solution. If both sides of the equation are identical, the equation is an identity, and all values are solutions of this equation.

Homework: On a separate sheet of paper, write the corrections to any problems missed on the Chapter 2 Test. You must show your work. (The Chapter 2 Study Guide I posted in Google Classroom is a good reference for making any corrections.)




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