7th Grade Pre-Algebra Homework

7th Grade Pre-Algebra Homework

7th Grade Pre-Algebra Homework

Today, the 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Class began with a preview of the Essential Vocabulary for Chapter 4. The students were instructed to write on a separate sheet of paper the definition for  each term. Only 7 students out of 18 students completed the assignment.  Any missing assignment will have the homework credit grade for that assignment reduced by 10%  each day late. After 3 days the assignment will receive a “zero” grade.

The class did a quick review on evaluating expressions and conducting operations with integers (sum, difference, product, or quotient).

Next, the class was introduced to Chapter 4: Lesson 1: “Powers and Exponents”.

power is a way to write a product of repeated factors. The base is the factor. The exponent tells how many times the base is used as a factor.

According to the order of operations, you should evaluate any powers before performing any other operations.


Homework: Complete the Chapter 4: Lesson 1: Skills Practice. Odds only for tomorrow.


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