4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

4th Grade:  Mrs. Coules

4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

Reading:  Module 5/Week 2 vocabulary flashcards are due next Tuesday.  If you did not complete 40 minutes on Amira this week, do that for homework tonight.

Math:  Ch. 9/Lesson 1 p. 565 – 566.  All of your answers must be in simplest form.  Play the Math Prodigy game or complete a math lesson on iReady for additional practice.

Social Studies:  Finish your U.S. President Project for homework tonight.  Use your rubric to make sure you have completed all of the requirements.

Science: We may have the Sound Waves Test on Friday if we can complete the final lesson tomorrow.  All of the videos are posted on Google Classroom if you would like to start reviewing for the test.  You will get to use all of your worksheets for the test.  I still have your Lesson 3 worksheets.


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