4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

4th Grade:  Mrs. Coules

4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

Reading:  Know It, Show It p. 61 – 62.  Module 3/Week 2 Vocabulary Quiz and Catch Me if You Can Quiz are on Friday.

Math:  Complete the Chapter 5 review page (hand-written problems on graph paper)for homework tonight.  The Ch. 5 Test is on Friday.  Math redo online homework assignments must be completed by 7:00 A.M. Friday.

English:  Nouns Review-evens.  I will collect the better grade tomorrow.  Use the Nouns Practice Test to review for the Nouns Test on Thursday.

Social Studies:  The Southeast States’ Capitals Quiz is on Thursday.

Religion:  Chapter 6 Baptism in Christ Test is tomorrow.

**There is an unclaimed XL Youth red SSCM hoodie in our classroom.  I will send it to lost and found tomorrow if no one claims it.**


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