4th Grade – Mrs. Coules

4th Grade – Mrs. Coules

4th Grade – Mrs. Coules

Reading:  There is a reading log this week, but no Newsela articles.  Use Biblionasium for your reading log, and 100 minutes and 5 journals are required.  The journals should be a 2-3 sentence summary of what you read.  This is due on Monday, October 7th.  Unit 1/Week 5 vocabulary flashcards are due on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Math:  Complete both sides of the Check My Progress.  All work should be on the “Proof Page.”  The Chapter 2 Test will be on Wednesday, October 2nd.

English:  Finish the final copy of your name story and complete the “Student” side of the checklist.

Social Studies:  Daily Geography packet is due on Friday, October 4th.  If you complete the challenge, you will receive 5 extra credit points.


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