4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

4th Grade:  Mrs. Coules

4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

Math:  Ch. 3/Lesson 8 p. 183-184.  Ch. 3 Understand Multiplication and Division Test on Thursday.  Review the vocabulary words for this chapter with the Google Slideshow on Google Classroom.  Practice your multiplication facts with the digital flashcards are Google Classroom.  Play the Math Prodigy Game for additional practice.

Reading:  Know It, Show It p. 29 due tomorrow.  Module 2/Week 1 vocabulary quiz on Wednesday.  Science Behind Sight Quiz on Wednesday.

English:  Story Elements graphic organizer in your Personal Narrative packet is due tomorrow. We will begin the rough draft of your personal narrative in class tomorrow.

Science:  Nocturnal Animals Mini-Research project is due tomorrow. You must use complete sentences on this assignment.  Leave a space between the title of each text box and your sentences.  Change the font size of the Nocturnal Information section to fill the text box.  Make sure the pictures and each text box is sized properly.

The Human Machine Test is on Wednesday.  Rewatch the videos on Google Classroom to help you prepare for the test.  I will give you back all of your graded papers tomorrow so you can use those to study for the test as well.

Religion:  The Ten Commandments flip book is due on Thursday.  We will cut it out and staple it together in class tomorrow.


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