4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

4th Grade: Mrs. Coules

Math:  Chapter 2 Addition and Subtraction Test is tomorrow.  Study the vocabulary and practice your math facts.  The Chapter 2 Vocabulary Review Kahoot Game link is on Google Classroom.  Watch this video to review how to regroup in subtraction:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTRnOJ3Z5sQ&t=1s

Religion:  Chapter 3 The Ten Commandments Test is on Friday, September 25th.

English:  The rough draft of “My Name Story” including your “hook” is due tomorrow.  We will be doing peer reviews in class.

Reading:  Unit 1/Week 3 vocabulary flashcards and spelling packet are due on Friday.  You will have some time to work on these in class tomorrow.  The Unit 1/Week 3 Spelling (20 spelling words plus the 8 vocabulary words) and Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension Tests will be on Tuesday, September 30th.  Read for 20 minutes on Epic every night this week.



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