4th Grade-Mrs. Coules

4th Grade-Mrs. Coules

4th Grade-Mrs. Coules

Social Studies:  Workbook p. 2 is due tomorrow.  The Chapter 1 Test is on Friday.  The students received a study guide that they can complete and use for the test.

English:  The students need to complete the back side of their “Story of My Name” worksheet from yesterday to make sure they have the following details about their name story:  characters, setting (time and place), and plot (sequence of events).  Ideas-Week 1 writing packet is due on Monday, September 23rd.

Science:  Daily Science Big Idea, Week 4 packet is due tomorrow.  The quiz is on Thursday, and the students can use the packet for the quiz.

Reading:  Students need to complete a reading log using Biblionasium.  This week 100 minutes and 5 journals are required.  The journals should be a 2-3 sentence summary of what they read, because our reading strategy for this week is “Reread.”  The reading log is due on Monday, September 23rd.

Religion:  Chapter 2 worksheets are due tomorrow.  Friday is the Chapter 2 Test.




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