3rd Grade: Mrs. Selfridge

3rd Grade:  Mrs. Selfridge

3rd Grade: Mrs. Selfridge

Religion:  Chapter 5 TEST Tomorrow

Science:  Finish Chapter 2 Quiz – We will NOT have a test over this chapter.

Reading: NO HOMEWORK  Unit 2/Lesson 2 TEST on 11/6

Spelling:  TEST on 11/16 *Packets due by  11/16

Math:  Finish pages 215-216

*All Saints Day Mass on Friday at 8:15 A.M.  Please send your child to school dressed as their Saint.  Please send a change of clothes for after Mass.   Any questions, please email Mrs. Selfridge.

*Halloween candy can be distributed on Thursday. Please remember we do have 19 students in our class and a peanut allergy.


Have a great e


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