3rd Grade: Mrs. Selfridge

3rd Grade:  Mrs. Selfridge

3rd Grade: Mrs. Selfridge

Reading:  Unit 2 Week 4 TEST on Tuesday

Spelling:  Packet Due on Friday Spelling TEST on Tuesday

Math:  Finish workbook pages 323-324

Science:  We reviewed the chapter today in class.  We will have a quiz over Chapter 3 tomorrow.  Students will be allowed to use their books.

Religion:  NO HOMEWORK
*We are VOTING for our favorite CANDY in 3rd Grade!  Our top 3 candidates are: TWIX, HERSHEY BAR and SKITTLES.  If you have a small pack of any of these left over from Halloween, please send in.  We won’t be eating the candy, we just need some information from the packaging.  THANK YOU!

**Scholastic Book Club Orders are due on Friday.  If you would like to order and pay online, the class code is:    G29BP        If you have any special delivery requests for the holidays, please let me know!


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