2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

May 20, 2020


Religion  I can pray a prayer of blessing.

I can recall the blessings that God gives us, how we can thank God for those blessings,  and how we can share them with those around us.

Text pp. 300-302

Chapter 20 Test tomorrow

Reading   I can recount a story.

Complete Who’s Louder: Google Classroom

Recounting Stories Assessment is tomorrow

Phonics   I can review suffixes ful, less, ness, ly, er, and est

Text pp. 213-214

Suffixes Quiz: Google Classroom

English  End of the Year Memory Book: Google Classroom

There are 15 pages to complete, so this is an all week assignment. Please do not feel that it needs to get done all at once.

Math  I can identify three-dimensional geometric shapes.

Text pp. 759-762

Lesson Video: Google Classroom

Have students log into My Math and complete the Lesson 4 Homework

Science   I can explain how bees pollinate plants.

How Bees Help Plants: Google Classroom 

Social Studies I can use a map to find the 50 states.

Complete Day 3: Google Classroom

i-Ready Complete at least 15 minutes of Reading.

Complete at least 15 minutes of Math.

Optional Activities Prodigy Math


Extra Reading on Raz-Kids (1,000s of books in different  reading levels)

Cursive practice

Reading (student reading or read aloud to student) 


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