2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

May 13, 2020


Religion  Chapter 19 Test: Google Classroom
Reading   I can identify the lesson the story is trying to teach me.

View the short video and look at the anchor chart and story that goes with the video. 

Complete Jumping on the Bed: Google Classroom

Phonics   I can add inflectional endings to root words and print new words.

I can recognize root words in words with inflectional endings. 

Text pp. 201-202

Inflectional Endings Test tomorrow

English  I can find entries in a dictionary.

Text pp. 191-192

Math  I can measure using both customary and metric units.

I can selects the proper tool to measure objects.

Text pp. 721-724 (just do your best to find the objects to measure)

View the video to help review for the Test

Chapter 11 Pretest: Google Classroom

Chapter 11 Vocabulary Quiz and Chapter 11 Test tomorrow

In case you don’t have a ruler, yardstick, or meterstick at home, here are some printable ones. Just cut and tape them together and you are all set. Click on the words to get the tool you need.

Science   I can explain why some plants have flowers.

Science Packet Day 3: Google Classroom

Social Studies Free Day!
i-Ready Complete at least 15 minutes of Reading.

Complete at least 15 minutes of Math.

Optional Activities Prodigy Math


Extra Reading on Raz-Kids (1,000s of books in different  reading levels)

Cursive practice

Reading (student reading or read aloud to student) 


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