2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

2nd Grade – Mrs. Kolar

May 12, 2020


Religion  I can pray for peace and justice through song.

I can recall important ideas about the Church’s teachings of peace and justice.

Text pp. 288-290

Chapter 19 Test tomorrow

Reading   I can recount a story using story elements.

Read The Fox and the Goat

Complete the Story Retelling: Google Classroom

Phonics   I can count syllables in words with inflectional endings. 

I can say, spell, and write words with inflectional endings. 

Text pp. 193 and 195 (Skip p. 194)

English  I can put words in alphabetical order.

Text pp. 190

Alphabetical Order Practice: Google Classroom

Math  I can measure lengths to generate data shown on a line plot.

Text pp. 715-718 (you can measure different writing or drawing utensils for p. 715; use the people in your house to measure the hands; Just do your best to find books and crayons to measure)

I’ve also made a video explanation that I will post to Google Classroom

Have students log into My Math and complete the Lesson 12 Homework

In case you don’t have a ruler, yardstick, or meterstick at home, here are some printable ones. Just cut and tape them together and you are all set. Click on the words to get the tool you need.

Science   I can explain why some plants have flowers.

Science Packet Day 2: Google Classroom

Social Studies I can read a weather map.

Using a weather map Packet Day 2: Google Classroom

i-Ready Complete at least 15 minutes of Reading.

Complete at least 15 minutes of Math.

Optional Activities Prodigy Math


Extra Reading on Raz-Kids (1,000s of books in different  reading levels)

Cursive practice

Reading (student reading or read aloud to student) 


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