1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

Book Review on the story we read in class which I shared over Google Classroom that you could connect to McGraw Hill “Creep Low, Fly High”. The sample book review is on pg. 90 after the story. Write a sentence about whether you liked the story or not and include the book read. Talk about the book details they liked or not from the story. Last sentence should be about if they would recommend the book to their friend or family.

Book Reports in a bag due on March 31st. I have some students who came in with them early. I really appreciate their creativity on how to decorate their bag and items that they place inside.

i-ready math for 20  minutes passcode for math 795116 they should know their icon to login

Math chapter 5 lesson 14 pp.433-434


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