1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

1st Grade: Mrs. Sowa

Math worksheet addition and subtraction practice

Spelling test on unit 4.3 tomorrow

Read for 15 minutes and color in reading log for March

Book Report Bag due March 31st. I had one student turn it in today and we really enjoyed the presentation.

Please include on the front of the paper bag : title of book and author,  description of the story what it was about, and illustration of their favorite part.

Inside the bag: include 3-5 items from the story. ex: if I did Pete the Cat and Groovy buttons I would fill it with items from the story (buttons, a stuffed animal cat to represent Pete, a yellow sweater for the cover up he wears to represent his coat with buttons etc.)

Please practice with your child in how they will present the bag and their reading of the description. I am looking forward to their presentations!


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