Staff Directory

SSCM School Office Number 630-257-6488
Ext. 10 Receptionist:  Handles medical, dental, works with   teachers when students are absent.
Mrs. Jackie Lazowski: Ext. 19 Receptionist:  Handles school enrollment, VRE (Virtual Red Envelope),  and  Virtus paperwork

SSCM Parish Office Number 630-257-2776
Mrs. Lynn Bailey: Assistant Business Manager for the Parish.  She handles Smart Tuition and can be reached at the parish office. Email address:

SSCM Teacher and Staff Directory

Last First Room Ext Grade Email
Andrews Mary Teacher Assistant
Brady John Room 202 x 30 Grade 8
Coules Denise Room 204 x 38 Grade 6
Gardner Kim Hot Lunch x 43
Room 203 x 29
Kilinskis Judith Room 206 x 24 Grade 8
Kolar Jamie Room 105 x 37 Grade 4
Kucera Bernice Teacher Assistant
Lazowski Jackie OFFICE x 19
Maggenti Susan Resource
O’Hare Nicole T/A o’
Reilley Mary Lee Technology x 31 Technology
Rhead Sean Room 110 x 41 Music
Rogers Trish Teacher Assistant
Rozhon Lynn Room 201 x 28 Grade 6
Rush Robyn Room 205 x 25 Grade 7
Schmidt Robert Building Engineer
Selfridge Amy Room 104 x 40 Grade 3
Stock Erin Room 210 x 16 Kindergarten
Tkachuk Shirley Principal x 21 Principal
Room 102 x 34 Grade 2
Room 108 x 36 Grade 1
Villasenor Robert PE Gym x 42 PE
West Danielle Room 106 x 33 Grade 5


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