Lunch Program

SSCM offers a Hot Lunch program to our students. Served daily throughout the school year. In addition there are special lunches offered, see below for this years offerings.

Special Lunch Order for the 2017/2018 school year. There are a total of seven different special lunches offered once each week throughout the year. Please check for dates.
Each lunch includes a treat and drink plus the following:
Hamburger Day – Burger (cheese or plain) & chips
Hot Dog Day – Hot dog & chips
Sub Day – 6 “ Sub (turkey or ham) & chips
Pasta Day – Pasta (sauce or butter) & French bread
Buona Beef Day – Choice of 4” Beef or Meatball Sandwich, or 3-pc Chicken Strips & chips
KFC/Taco Day – Choice of 2 tacos or 3-pc Chicken Strips & cinnamon crispas
Pizza Day – Pizza (large, pie-cut slice)

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