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Academic Bowl Team

The Academic Bowl Team

We are starting an extra after school club for some of the students in our newly formed Accelerated Group for Literature and Mathematics. This group, our Academic Bowl Team, would be open to students from Grades 7 and 8 who would be interested in representing our school at the various high school academic competitions we participate in during the year.

The students involved would be expected to stay after school on Wednesdays from 2:15 to 3:15. The team’s faculty adviser would be Ms Denise Coules and it would be staffed with three of our parents, Mrs. Diadra Viz, Mrs. Tracy Spencer, and Mrs. Chris LaBuda. They have been working with several high schools during the summer months to see what other schools do and how this type of team should work.

There would be no charge for your child to participate. We would ask that your child comes prepared to work and would be picked up on time. You and your child would need to commit to the following guidelines:
1. Attend all meetings and competitions (dates will be given in advance).
2. Cooperate with the moderator, parents and other students.
3. Complete any extra work given.
4. Successfully complete all of the required classroom assignments.
5. Avoid and discipline issues.


For additional information please contact Ms Denise Coules at 630-257-6488 or email coules.denise@stcyril.org.

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