First Grade: Ms. Vilimas

First Grade: Ms. Vilimas

First Grade: Ms. Vilimas


Please read Nell’s Books found on page 64 and answer all questions on pg. 81. Make sure your child uses their bookmark for reference and that they bring the book back to school tomorrow. I also posted it as an assignment online for easy access (just in case your child forgets to bring their book).

If this is the case all the information you need can be found in your child’s red hot.


Please review addition facts tonight

Social Studies:

Please have your child write down two facts about George Washington.  This is due on Wednesday

Science & Phonics: None


Friday’s test is a review of the following words:

cat, bat, ran, tan, because, are, find, were, as, the


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  • Halina Blaszynski

    Hi Mrs. Vilimas, can you tell me the user name and password for the McGraw-hill books? I’m trying to get to Otylias homework to do the reading. Thanks, Halina Blaszynski

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