Ecology Club

Ecology Club

Ecology Club

We Love Our Pet Friends

Dear Saint Cyril and Methodius Families,

Our school is sponsoring a “TLC” Animal Shelter collection for abused and unwanted pets. The shelter desperately needs: cat and dog toys, cat and dog treats, canned cat and dog food, kleenex, and paper towels for clean-ups and forever stamps. Please join us in our crusade to help these animals. We thank you for your kind and generous contributions.

We Love Our Pet Friends:

We would like to display pictures of our students’ pets, as part of a “Pet Friend” board. Please be aware that any picture you send in will not be returned. Please make photocopies of your pet at home.

We can’t wait to share your pet friend with the school and the parish.

Thank you for your continued support of  SS. Cyril and Methodius Catholic School.


The TLC Service Project Committee


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