Art Project for grades 5-8 Church/School

Art Project for grades 5-8 Church/School

School/Church al la Gaudi


  • Using natural materials like leaves, pine-cones etc draw natural forms
  • Using those natural forms/shapes redesign the church or the school.
    • Cut and tape together chosen photo copy
    • Draw with pencil over photocopy to achieve new design
    • Trace with marker over pencil lines
  • Trace new design onto clean paper
  • Create background/landscape around new design
  • Fully color with shading new building and background
    • Color can be marker, colored pencil, or crayon
  • Write a minimum of 4 sentences regarding this project and your process to create it.
  • Turn in by December 19th, must include rubric, natural drawings, photocopy design, artist statement and final artwork.

These may be displayed during Catholic Schools Week.


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