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Our Teaching Staff       2018 / 2019
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John Brady                                                 brady.john@stcyril.org
Denise Coules                                            coules.denise@stcyril.org
Daniel Judd                                                judd.daniel@stcyril.org
Judith Kilinskis                                         kilinskis.judith@stcyril.org
Mary Lee Reilley                                       mlreilley@stcyril.org
Lynn Rozhon                                             rozhon.lynn@stcyril.org
Robyn Rush                                               rush.robyn@stcyril.org
Amy Selfridge                                            selfridge.amy@stcyril.org
Erin Stock                                                  stock.erin@stcyril.org
Ernesto Tapia                                           epiadoza@hotmail.com
Sue Tomala                                                tomala.sue@stcyril.org
Kristy Vilimas                                           vilimas.kristy@stcyril.org
Robert Villasenor                                     villasenor.robert@stcyril.org
Danielle West                                            west.danielle@stcyril.org

To reach our teachers you may use their email or call the office at 630-257-6488.

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