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Chromebook Resources

This page will have resources for parents and students about Chromebooks. Articles and links will be posted as they become available and as we get questions from students and parents. There will be FAQs and how to articles as well as other information. Please check back often and if you have a question send an email to chrometech@stcyril.org. We will attempt to answer your emails as soon as we can.

Check the sublinks attached to this page.

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Chromebook Printing

Chromebooks do not support direct printing. Chrome uses a print system called Google Cloud Print. Below are various links that explain Cloud Print and how to do it. Available Google cloud printers  https://www.google.com/cloudprint/learn/printers.html Getting Started with Google Cloud Printers  https://www.google.com/landing/cloudprint/ Connecting a Classic printer to Cloud print   https://support.google.com/cloudprint/answer/1686197?hl=en Print from Chrome with Google Cloud …

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Connect Chromebook to different WiFi network

To connect to a  different WiFi network with your Chromebook. Step 1:  At the Network not available screen a.Click on the no network drop down arrow b. Select the network you would like to join c. Enter the WiFi password for the network you are attempting to join d. Once connected,  Login with the assigned …

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