5L – Mrs. Lavin

5L – Mrs. Lavin

5L – Mrs. Lavin

5L Religion – Ch 11 Test Friday

5L & 5W

Math – WB P. 65 ALL (You MUST list ALL factors for #4, 6, 8 & 9) as well as circle the GCF for these.

Social Studies – WB P. 54 (5W only)

Science – Do Vocabulary on P. 245-250 (due Monday)

Finish coloring your Plant Watering System ad if not


Parents, please note:  If you want your child to participate in a decimals/fraction review on either Tuesdays or Thursdays after school, please email me.  Several of the students have expressed an interest in this.  We will meet in my classroom on each of those days until 3:15.  You are responsible for providing transportation home at that time.



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