2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

Hi Everyone,

Wednesday, February 14, 2018:  Science: Science test Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Check What are the parts of plants? Your child needs to know the following vocabulary words and their function: nutrient, roots, and stem. Explain: What do plants need to grow? In what two places do seeds grow? Apply Concepts: Think about a flower growing in your garden. You notice that all of its leaves have fallen off. Why is this a problem for the plant? This is your child’s Study Guide. It will prepare your child for tomorrow’s test. We reviewed the Study Guide in class today. First, the children worked independently on the Study Guide. Next, the children worked with a partner and read and answered the questions. Finally, we read the Study Guide together as a class and thought carefully about our answers. Answers were given after deep thinking skills and discussion.

Have a Great Day!

Mrs. Stock



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