2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

Hi Everyone,

Monday, February 12, 2018: Math: Homework and Practice 4-6 Practice Adding pages 227 and 228. Remember to show your work!

Social Studies: Please work on Illinois Report: Due: Tuesday, February 13th. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS, PLEASE. THANK YOU!

The students are to write three interesting facts about Illinois. Please use complete sentences. The sentences are to be in the child’s own handwriting. Next, the children are write and draw pictures of the state’s symbols. Any type of paper may be used. ( construction paper, white paper, lined paper). Please include the state flag as one of the symbols. The assignment should be the child’s own work. (For example, I am not grading on how well the child draws the flag). TRY YOUR BEST!

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018: DUE: Illinois Report

Thursday, February 15, 2018: Math: Homework and Practice 4-7 Solve One-Step and Two-Step Problems pages 233 and 234. Remember to show your work!

Science: Science test Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Check What are the parts of plants? Your child needs to know the following vocabulary words and their function: nutrient, roots, and stem.

Explain: What do plants need to grow? In what two places do seeds grow?

Apply Concepts: Think about a flower growing in your garden. You notice that all of its leaves have fallen off. Why is this a problem for the plant? Please study the information provided. It will help prepare your child for the test.

Stay Warm and Be Safe!

Have a Great Week!


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