2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

Social Studies: The students are to write a report on their state. (Hint: The state is Illinois) They are to write three interesting facts about Illinois. Please use complete sentences. The sentences are to be in the child’s own handwriting. Next, the children are to write and draw pictures of the state’s symbols. Please include the state flag as one of the symbols. Other symbols include the bird and flower. This assignment is DUE: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS, PLEASE. THANK YOU!

Math: Do pages 221 and 222. Show Your Work!

Continue to practice adding and subtracting within 20. By the end of second grade, the children should know from Memory all sums of two-one digit numbers.

Stay Warm and Be Safe!

Mrs. Stock


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