5L – Mrs. Lavin

5L & 5W

Math – WB P. 19 ALL  Finish if not done

     Keep practicing your multiplication facts!

Parents, please email me if your child is planning on staying this Thursday until 3:00 for multiplication

           fact practice.

          Tentative date for Math Topic 3 Test is next Thursday 10/18/17

Science – Put on loose leaf, Text P. 48-50.  Use full sentences when a written answer is required.  Be sure to

                 use the proper heading on your paper.  

Ch 1 Test next Tuesday 10/17/19

Pearson Realize Video Assigned due 10/27/17 (5 minutes long) – “NASA’s New Moon Robot”

Social Studies – Ch 1 Test this Friday!  Be sure you know how to read a climograph!

Newsela article assigned due 10/27/17:  “The Aztecs had a Strict Social Structure”

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