6th Grade On-Target Literature-Mrs. Coules

You need to complete the 3 Newsela articles that were assigned last week (“Bugs Are the New Food,” “Amusement Parks..”, and “Kids with Disabilities”) by Friday, September 1st.  These will not be taken for a grade.

You also need to complete the Newsela article entitled “Guide Dogs….”  You need to take the quiz, answer the writing prompt, and highlight the 2 details (each in a different color) that you use in you answer.  This is also due by Friday, September 1st.

Vocabulary Unit 1 flashcards (numbered 1-20 and with pictures) and workbook pages 14-21 (you don’t need to complete the Writing on p. 20) are due Wednesday, September 6th.  The Vocabulary Unit 1 Test will be on Wednesday, September 13th.

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