2nd Grade: Mrs. Tomala

It was great to meet and greet all of you last night. We look forward to a wonderful year.

Spelling: The 1st Spelling packet was distributed today. It included pertinent information about Spelling City log-ins, the Spelling packet due date, plus testing data. The Week #1 test will be given on Friday, September 15th.Five children passed the pre-test today, and will not need to test on the 15th.  I was impressed!!!  I recommend hanging on to the list of spelling words (maybe xerox them?) as they are part of the word list that will be used for our internationally celebrated “Spelling Bees”. Well, maybe not” internationally” celebrated.

Religion: Kindly give some thought to which saint your child may like to portray on November 1, 2017. Please keep in mind that each child (parent) is responsible for their child’s costume and identifying sign.  The name should be  clearly visible (hung around the neck/or fastened to the costume)  and worn over the costume. A “My Saint” written assignment should compliment your child’s costume. Kindly turn in the paper by November 1st. More information will be forthcoming. Don’t worry too much about the costume being really elaborate. Your child will look adorable, no matter what they wear. Get those cameras ready!!!! Thank you for your continued support. You’re the best.


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