6th Grade Accelerated Literature-Mrs. Coules

You need to complete the 3 Newsela articles that were assigned last week (“Bugs Are the New Food,” “Amusement Parks..”, and “Kids with Disabilities”) by Friday, September 1st.  These will not be taken for a grade.

You also need to complete the Newsela article I assigned yesterday entitled “Guide Dogs….”  You need to take the quiz, answer the writing prompt, and highlight the 2 details (each in a different color) that you use in you answer.

Vocabulary Unit 1 flashcards (numbered 1-20 and with pictures) and workbook pages 14-21 (you don’t need to complete the Writing on p. 20) are due tomorrow, Wednesday, August 30th.  The Vocabulary Unit 1 Test will be on Thursday, September 7th.

For homework tonight, go into Google Classroom and click on Accelerated Literature.  Then watch the attached You Tube Video, “Geri’s Game,” and complete the corresponding plot diagram on your worksheet.

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