2nd Grade: Mrs. Stock

Welcome Back Sensational Second Graders!

Monday: Homework and Practice 1-1 Addition Fact Strategies: Please complete pages 9 and 10 for homework. Due Tuesday, August 29th, first thing in the morning.

Please remember to write your first and last name with pencil in your neatest handwriting. Please have your child complete the page independently. Remember to show your work.

Wednesday: August 30th: Homework and Practice 1-2 Doubles and Near Doubles pages 15 and 16.

Remember to show your work.

Vocabulary Words we have reviewed: Equation, Addends, Sum, Doubles, Near Doubles, Related Facts, Fact Families.

Reviewed Strategies: Count on, cubes, ten-frames

Please remember to check your e-mail and homework online daily.


2S HOMEROOM: We are in need of a Room Mom Coordinator. If you can help, please e-mail me at stock.erin@stcyril.org We appreciate your help!

We had an Awesome Week!

I look forward to teaching your child!

Have a Great Week!

Mrs. Stock



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