Internet Safety Special Event

SS. Cyril & Methodius School Presents

12 Rules of Internet Awareness for Adults

Date & Time:
August 30, 2017
Doors open: 6:15
Time: 6:30

Presenter: Police Chief Christopher Radz (Retired)

Police Veteran of 32 years

FBI National Academy #234 Graduate
Northwestern Staff and Command #221 Graduate

Positions Held Include
Dispatcher, Patrolman, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Deputy Chief, Chief of Police, Alsip

Contacts for more info: Patti Senese

Coordinator Name: Shirley Tkachuk

Phone:   630-257-6488

Email address to rsvp: senese.patti@stcyril.org

Points to be covered

Cyber Bullying
Internet Crimes
Internet Privacy
Online Communication
Online Solicitation
Problem Solving

12 Rules of Internet Awareness for Adults

(Protecting God’s Children in the Modern Age)
In today’s society, the Internet, social media, and the easy access to electronic devices is a given. This ease of use enhances the learning experience for students by giving them access to the world, a wealth of information and communications that was unheard of a generation ago. With this same ease of use, there is a dark side that adults and parents must be aware of and prepare themselves to help their children understand the realities and boundaries necessary to be safe while using this technology to explore the world.

Chief Radz (ret.) has been involved with cyber security and crime in his career as a law enforcement officer. His 32 years of experiences and knowledge in law enforcement has given him many insights as to what we as adults can do to protect and teach our children to be safe while using today’s technology and the Internet.

This is an adults and high school teens only event. This topic may have intense content with information that may not be appropriate for children. We encourage all SSCM parents, teachers, staff, parishioners, and community to attend.

Please rsvp: senese.patti@stcyril.org or call 630-257-6488

If you have an issue with not having a sitter available and want to attend this event, please call the office and we will try to assist you.  Space is limited.

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