1st Grade: Mrs. Stock

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I hope everyone is enjoying four days off.

Here is this week’s schedule: October 10th-14th.

Tuesday: Social Studies: Both First Grades: Thursday, October 6th, the children received an Address paper in their Red Hot News folder. Please complete the sheet and return it by Thursday, October 13th. Parents: You may help your child by writing the information down on a separate sheet of paper. The paper must be written/completed in the child’s own handwriting. Assignment Information: The paper must be written in pencil. The children are to write their first and last name in their neatest handwriting. The Address paper should be the child’s own work.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Christopher Columbus!

Social Studies: We will be reading stories about Christopher Columbus and going on a Great Voyage by listening and following directions.

Thursday: Both First Grades: Address paper is due today!

Both First Grades: Math: Math Homework and Practice Lesson 2-3 Near Doubles, pages 95 and 96. Remember to write your first and last name in your neatest handwriting in pencil. Remember to show your work. Skipped problems will be marked wrong. Vocabulary Words: Doubles and Near Doubles, In addition, please review the vocabulary word: Number line from My  Word Cards which you received on Tuesday, October 11th.

Friday: As a school family, we will support Cancer Awareness. Everyone may come out of uniform, dressed appropriately and wearing pink! We are asking for $1.00 donation. Funds will be sent to Loyola University to purchase supplies. Thank you in advance for your support! It is much appreciated!

Mrs. Stock’s Class: Best Buddy Trip ( See page 4 for information)

Have a Great Week!

Mrs. Stock

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