2nd Grade: Mrs. Tomala

2T Religion: We learned that God sent angels to guide and defend the people on earth. Jesus said that angels in heaven watch over and protect children on their way to God’s Kingdom. Our Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. We celebrate the Archangels on September 29th, while we remember our Guardian Angels on October 2nd.

Social Studies: We viewed a 5 minute clip about urban, suburban, and rural communities. Then, we read and discussed a Weekly Reader hand out that re-explained the concept of different communities that we live in. An assessment followed the activity. Election;2016 is due in 10/21/2016.

Math: Kindly complete pages #117 and #118 for homework. Thank you. The Timed Fact Test will be given on 10/21/2016. Please mix up those facts.


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