4th Grade – Mrs. Lavin

4L – Religion

Students were informed of the upcoming verbal prayers quizzes:

Sign of the Cross and Hail Mary – Oct 4 & 5

Our Father & Glory Be – Oct 12 & 13

Act of Contrition – Oct 21

Hail Holy Queen & Fatima Prayer – Nov 2 & 3

They should know most of these already.  They were given the Fatima Prayer today (they put this in their Religion Book front cover) and Hail Holy Queen (as well as all the prayers) is in their Religion Book P. 10-14.


4L & 4H Social Studies

Ch 2 Review on loose leaf due tomorrow: Text P. 62-63 Both Vocabulary Sections, Facts & Main Idea #1-5,

and All Apply Skills

 Ch 2 Test Friday

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