2nd Grade: Mrs. Tomala

Math: We used “Problem Solving- Visual Learning”videos (via the pearsonrealize and the Smartboard) to practice bar diagram and array strategies. These same strategies not only model how to find sums, but will be used in the future to display multiplication and its relationships. We completed pages 107 and 108. Part of this exercise will be assessed for basic understanding of repeated addition, arrays, and bar diagrams. The children are progressing, nicely. So far, soooo good.

Science: The classes viewed a short clip entitled “Winged Migration”, then read our Weekly Readers. The migration of the Ibises was discussed in this interesting article. This particular type of bird relies heavily on teamwork and cooperation among the flock members. We cross-analyzed how we work in the same manner, when we are actively solving our math problems within our math study groups.

2T Religion: We have begun practicing the formal rite of Reconciliation. There will be a Parent Meeting on October 30th at 3:30PM in the Church.


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