1st Grade: Mrs. Stock

Tuesday, September 27th: Both First Grades: Math Homework and Practice Lesson 1-9 pages 61 and 62. Please check to see your work is neat and is in pencil. Remember to write your first and last name on your paper. Please show your work. Skipped problems will be marked wrong. Please read the story problems with your child. Go back and check your work: Did you complete all problems? Did you show your work? Did you follow all directions? Is it your best work? Remember to circle numbers in the story problem. Your child should place the completed homework in their Red Hot News folder and return the homework to their homeroom teacher. FRIENDLY REMINDER: WRITE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME ON PAPERS. Homework is due first thing in the morning. Thank you for your help and continued support. Parent Questions: Math Word Cards pages 7 and 8. The new word was addend. Please review the following vocabulary words in Topic 1: add, addend, difference, equal, equations, fewer, minus, more, part, plus, subtract, sum, and whole.

Tomorrow Wednesday, September 28th, we will be working on pages 65, 66, 67, and 68 Topic 1 Reteaching Solve Addition and Subtraction Problems to 10.

Thursday, September 29th is Topic 1 Test. All material is read to the children. I read one question  at a time. The children are not to go ahead. The children are to show all their work and listen carefully and follow all directions. Skipped problems will be marked wrong.

Have a Great Evening!

Mrs. Stock

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