1st Grade: Mrs. Stock

Mrs. Stock’s Homeroom:


Parents: Please sign your child’s traffic light sheet and Chapter 1 Religion test. Return on Monday, September 26th. Thank you. Your child will be receiving a new traffic light sheet today for the week of September 26th. Please check to see that your child has their first and last name on the traffic light and Date for the week. For example, the Date is September 26th. If your child comes home and the Date is not written on the traffic light, kindly remind your child to write the Date on the traffic light. This is to be written in the child’s own handwriting. Please remind your child to color in the traffic light on that particular day. Begin to let your child take responsibility for their work. Thank you for your cooperation. Remember to compliment your child on good behavior. (GO GREEN BEHAVIOR!)

Children should bring their pencil case with four sharpened pencils and other supplies such as crayons, glue sticks, and scissors to class.

Red Hot News Folder: It is very important that this folder go home every night and is returned the next day. Please remember to check homework online daily.

Have a Great Week!

Mrs. Stock


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