2nd Grade: Mrs. Tomala

2T Religion: We reviewed the beatitudes to make a happiness “plate”. Our discussion revolved around how keeping the beatitudes will ultimately keep you happy.

Math: There is no homework tonight. We had a quiz in class to assess how well the 2nd graders understand the meaning of arrays, columns, and rows. Everyone did very well. Next week, the Aimsweb assessments will take place. The respective scores will help me to place the children in workable and collaborative math groups. This pearsonrealize series is comprehensive. The provided exercises will undoubtedly better prepare the children forĀ  higher order thinking skill activities. Wow, the children have been real troopers in their mathematical endeavors. I am totally impressed.

Science: We continue to examine the adaptations and habitats of animals. I wish that you could hear all the children’s animal stories. They are comical.

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